When I first came into P.T. I could barely do anything. Mowing the grass and simple tasks in the yard were painful.. A LOT of pain!! Yesterday I mowed my grass, tilled my garden, and bedded up 12 rows to plant my garden this weekend. Before P.T. I would never have been able to accomplish this before. Thank you Karla, AJ, Patrick, Susan for all your help. Thank you for your gentle and kind teaching. This is the first time I can call you all PHYSICAL THERAPISTS rather than PHYSICAL TERRORISTS! (HA! HA!) J.Mc.

I came to King Physical Therapy for a knee injury I suffered over a year ago. At first, I was like, “How can physical therapy help me with swelling and constant over-activity pain?”. After meeting Karla and evaluating my symptoms it was discovered I was suffering from inflammation and “babying” an injury for a year that needed strengthening. Over several appointments, my knee swelling and pain decreased rapidly. I would have trouble with constant movements that now I no longer have. I have enjoyed meeting the employees of King Physical Therapy and being able to feel the “norm”! T.P.

When I first came to King Physical Therapy, I felt like I was 100 years old!! I could not move without pain in my back & neck. I couldn’t work, drive, or even sleep! Now I feel like a new man. I can now sleep through the night, and I am ready to go back to work full time. Thank you guys so much for helping me. D.S.T

Thank you for your professional help and attention to my needs. My wrist has improved significantly to the point of more mobility, less pain and ways to relieve pain and swelling without pain meds. (Ice Packs). I understand my wrist mobility is chronic and my mobility will always have limits. Your services have and will help improve my life style. Thanks- N.E.C

After waking up with a sore neck –I came 3 days later when I couldn’t move my neck from side to side (at all). After 3 visits I am pain free with full mobility. Thank you!!! J.M.

Came for physical therapy for acute right side back pain. Went through a series of exercises and in less than 1 hour had immediate release. My pain in the right side decreased from a 2-3 to zero. Thanks J.

It has been my experience that without work performed at King Physical Therapy, my injury, how I feel or the way I look at my future, would not be at the level it is. Because of the therapy, my life has improved tremendously. I believe that if I continue to use the tools and methods provided by King Physical Therapy, I will improve my life and be able to perform better than I could ever before my injury. M.R