Thankful for our neighbors!!

I have just returned from the Private Practice Physical Therapy Summit 2013, in New Jersey. Being around others of like minds is very energizing!! It was also very touching to be with so many other Americans from all over the states during this very tragic time for our country. It was very apparent that despite what may happen to us as a country, we tend to gather closer together in times of need. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragic attack. My heart also goes out to the young man who has allegedly committed this attack and his parents.

In trying times, it is easy to freely express our feelings for others. But, why does it take some tragic event for us to express our gratitude and appreciation and love for our “neighbor”? I would like to say that I am thankful for each of you; for the opportunity to have our paths cross. Please take care of yourself. Ask for the support and help that you need to get through your own “trying time” and know that each one of us at King Physical Therapy is here to support you in any way!!

Be Well!!!

Suzanne Gregory

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